Updates To The Characters Page And Print Edition News

There are a lot of updates to share today about both the website, and A Boy Named Zephyr. It’s been a busy week!

To begin, the website has been updated, and new entries to the characters page have been added. Learn more about Drake’s little sister Lily, and read about Arthur’s Master, and the circumstances behind their first meeting.

In regards to A Boy Named Zephyr, the final print version has been finalized and it is now available for sale!
If you would like to purchase a print copy of the book, you can purchase one from Createspace’s online store here. Expect availability at retailers such as Amazon within the next week, and a variety of other online, and brick & mortar bookstores within the next 4-6 weeks.

The second, revised edition of the eBook is currently available on Amazon.com, and is pending final approval on Smashwords. Expect it to become available at non-amazon retailers within the next few weeks.