Gemsong Saga Volume 2 preview

For fans of the first book, I am happy to announce the upcoming release of Gemsong Saga Volume 2: A Man Named Zephyr. The next volume of the Gemsong Saga series is expected to be released in Q4 of 2017. With the release date quickly approaching, I would like to offer a sneak preview of the book to give readers and idea of what to look forward to.

A New Way of Life

Gemsong Saga Volume 2 continues the story five years after the events of volume one. At its opening, Segment 07 has been blockaded by the Lutian Nobility, and all routes in and out of the segment have been severed.

The foremen of the segment’s factories have fled due to the isolation and fear of uprising. Gone is the billowing industrial pollution that once choked the segment, but absent too, are the jobs the factories once provided. Faced with nowhere else to turn, the people of the segment have looked to themselves. Within the ruins of the factories, new life sprouts, and with it, a way to survive.

The segment has started on a road to self-sufficiency. The people who once wasted their lives in the factory lines now toil for themselves amidst newly tilled soil. The sweat on their brows is a path to hope, and one that washes the segment in green. Though the segment has changed for the better, not everyone sees this new path as the right one.

A Darkness Within

Even as the Segment begins to flourish, a new enemy stirs in its shadows. Despite the efforts of Zephyr and the resistance, as well as those of the newly formed Volunteer Militia, kidnappings continue around the segment.

While pursuing a group of hunters, Zephyr and Jance find themselves caught in a trap intended specifically for them. Their names are known, but what about the nature of their powers? Is this new foe connected to the Nobility?

The resistance must act quickly to unmask the identity of this new enemy. As they work to protect the people of the segment from their plans however, the shadow of the Lutian Blockade fleet grows dark. Should the resistance succeed, it is unlikely the nobility will simply stand by and watch.

An expanded world in Gemsong Saga Volume 2

The second volume of the series introduces the major players within the Lutian Nobility, as well as several new factions. Histories of the characters you already know will be revealed, and new locations will be explored. Follow along with the resistance as the fight takes them beyond the segment’s borders, and even to Lutia itself.