Announcing the Candle and Quill

Starting this November, I am launching a monthly writing compendium called the Candle and Quill. This monthly, digital publication will feature a new collection of creative writing, short stories, and sample novel chapters each month, as well as first-draft sneak-peeks of upcoming works.

The Candle and Quill will be hosted on Patreon, and patrons can look forward to a variety of extra rewards in return for their patronage.

In the Candle and Quill’s first issue, there will be a sample chapter from A Boy Named Zephyr, as well as background articles on Lutia and the Rubbards. Gemsong Saga fans can also look forward to the first part of an exclusive short story that fleshes out the truth behind the Blackstone Butcher and his reign of terror. Was he truly a monster possessed by demons? Or was the truth behind the events covered up by the nobility?

Expect the first issue of the Candle and Quill the first week of November!