Learn the Truth about the Solaris

Issue 04 of the Candle and Quill is now complete and includes an exciting side-story from the Gemsong Saga world. In this issue, the short-story “Last Flight of the Solaris” tells the tale of the fateful day the Lutian slave ship Solaris disappeared into the abyss. Were its passengers truly lost to the depths of the abyss? What of the brave flyer and soldier who disobeyed their captain’s orders to save them?

The Sinking of the Solaris

Early in the book “A Boy Named Zephyr”, Arthur mentions an incident involving the Lutian ship Solaris. A large, five-crystal Lutian ship, the Solaris was said to have sunk into the abyss during a fierce storm. While its captain and crew were reported to have escaped unscathed, several interesting rumors have since been heard that contradict official reports.

Did the captain’s most trusted crew truly turn on him? What of the rumors of their survival and the salves they tried to save?

Other Gemsong Saga Content

Issue 04 is not the only issue of the Candle and Quill to include unique short-stories related to the Gemsong Saga world. Issues 01-03 also include the three part story “Serpent’s Coil” which tells the real story behind the Blackstone Butcher.