A Man Named Zephyr is Now Available

After a long wait, the second entry to the Gemsong Saga series, “A Man Named Zephyr” is now available! You can find it at Smashwords.com in all common Ebook formats, with availability at other online retailers within the next few days.

Five Years Later

A Man named Zephyr follows Zephyr, Jance, and the rest of the resistance, five years after the Segment 07 rebellion. With the Lutian forces now limited to watching the segment from afar, independence seems almost at hand. When a mysterious new foe places Jance and Zephyr in its sights however, a chain of events begins that will lead them right to the most elite of Lutia.

A Man named Zephyr cover

A Man Named Zephyr Release Information

The second volume of the Gemsong Saga will be released initially in digital format. While currently available through Smashwords.com, it will be distributed to popular online retailers such as Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and more, within the next few days.

While there are plans for a print version, there is currently no set timeline for release. Check back for more updates on a print release in the near future.

New Additions to the Website

To accompany the new release, there will be a variety of entries added to the Gemsong saga website. Expect various additions and updates over the next weeks and months.