About Gemsong Saga

What is Gemsong Saga?

Gemsong Saga: A Boy Named Zephyr is a fantasy/fiction, science fiction/steampunk novel series written by Ruu McKinney. While Gemsong Saga is intended for adult readers, it is also suitable for teens and up.

The first book in the Gemsong Saga series is titled “A Boy Named Zephyr”. A Boy Named Zephyr is currently available for purchase at Smashwords, and
Createspace, while a listing of other retailers can be found here.


Gemsong Saga is set in a world of islands that float high above an endless sea of clouds known as the Abyss. These islands, known as segments, are grouped into two regions: Those of the isles of Lutia, and those of the Rubbards.

As the self-proclaimed elite of society, the Lutian nobility live in the pristine isles of Lutia. While its noble manors may be framed by opulent gardens and gilded in precious metals, a darkness seethes beneath its surface.

In comparison, the decaying and polluted segments of the Rubbards are home to commoners and the elderly. These isles are located far across the abyss from Lutia, and supply the nobility with food, industry, and labor. While its distance from Lutia may be vast, noble eyes are never far away.

Those in the Rubbards live in a perpetual state of fear and desperation under the noble rule. Women and children are regularly taken by agents of the nobility and never heard from again. Food and space are scarce, and many citizens find themselves worked to the bone in the noble-owned factories for meager pay.

The noble rule is absolute. Any who rebel are dealt with swiftly and brutally. It has been this way since the Great War.


Gemsong Saga follows the life of a young boy named Zephyr. Born to the noble house of Ardzen, Zephyr has grown up knowing only the luxury of Lutia. When the only world he has ever known is stripped away from him however, he learns just how different the rest of the world truly is.

Exiled from Lutia, Zephyr finds a new home in an old service dock on the seventh segment of the Rubbards. There, Zephyr becomes the old dock master’s apprentice and learns about the crystal technology that powers the world.

When a mysterious power awakens within him however, Zephyr is forced to make a choice. Does he try to live a quiet life while the world around him falls apart? Or does he confront the lies and atrocities of the nobility head on while also struggling to save the people he cares about?