Buy Gemsong Saga

Gemsong Saga: A Boy Named Zephyr is now available in its second, revised edition. You can Buy Gemsong Saga in a variety of digital formats to suit your device, as well as in a traditional, paperback print version. There is no difference in content between the two versions, only some changes in formatting.

Digital Format

If you would like to buy Gemsong Saga: A Boy Named Zephyr in a portable format suitable for tablets, phones, and devices like the kindle, you can do so at the following online retailers:

Barnes & Noble
Apple users can also find the ebook version on the itunes store.

Please note: Available digital formats may vary by retailer. For the largest selection of available formats, please see the Smashwords link.


If you prefer to read a physical copy, you can buy Gemsong Saga: A Boy Named Zephyr in paperback format. The paperback can be obtained from the following retailers:

Createspace eStore
Barnes & Noble

Be sure to check out your local brick and mortar book store for a copy as well. If they don’t carry it, ask them to!