Ardzen Manor of the Lutian Outer Arc

See a glimpse of Zephyr’s childhood home, Ardzen manor, with the final Gemsong Saga Atlas entry for book one.

This entry marks the completion of content for the main characters and places featured in A Boy Named Zephyr. From this point forward, entries to the website will focus on illustrating the various factions, supporting characters, history, and lore of the Gemsong Saga world.

There is still plenty to do before A Man Named Zephyr is released, so I hope you continue to stop by and learn more about the world of Gemsong Saga.

Segment 07’s Redbrick District

The last entry to the Rubbards section of the Atlas has been added! Learn the origins and the sad history of Segment 07’s Redbrick District. As old as the segment itself, a small portion of this district remains, untouched and seemingly abandoned. In a place as desperate for space as Segment 07, how is this possible?

New entry added to the Atlas page!

A New entry has been added to the Gemsong Saga Atlas page!

Deep within the sanguine depths of the Sargasso Vortex lies a place known as the Leviathan’s Rest. In this empty void where even light fears to venture, rumors speak of a sleeping relic of a time long past. Are these tales truth? Or merely stories meant to keep a flicker of hope in our hearts?

New Entries Added to the Atlas Page

New Entries have been added to the Atlas Page! This week, learn the history behind the ruins of the Segment 04 Bridge. What happened to the bridge, and why is it the sole undeveloped plot of land on the segment?

For those interested in questionably sourced goods, or even just a cheap snack, take a walk over to Segment 07’s Grand Bazaar. With anything you could possibly want right at your fingertips, the only question will be whether or not you can afford it.

New Entries Added to the Atlas Page

New Entries have been added to the Atlas Page! This week, attention is centered around Segment 03 of the Rubbards. Take a tour of the Long Walk and its storied history of propaganda and classifieds. Continue on and see the largest center of trade and travel in the world, the Transport Hub, and learn about its hidden roles and purpose.