Gemsong Saga Atlas – Regions and Locations

About the Gemsong Saga Atlas

The Gemsong Saga Atlas is an attempt by a young explorer named Ansel Ryman to map the world around him. Despite countless flyers, an army of merchants, and an armada of noble ships that could block out the sun, the sad truth is, very little of the world has truly been explored. Some may note that the hunger for adventure tends to come only after one has satisfied the hunger in one’s belly. Others credit the countless, untold horrors that lurk amidst the abyss as reason enough to stay close to home. For the fearless Ansel Ryman however, neither was enough to discourage him from his dreams.

And so, Ansel struck out to forge new horizons. As the world lays embroiled in chaos and tyranny, he continues on in search of discovery. His journey and the places it takes him are described here in the Gemsong Saga Atlas. From the square of segment 07 to mysteries hidden deep within the Abyss. As Ansel continues his journey, expect more entries and greater detail.


Outer Arc 05-05

Ardzen Manor
Merchant Docks

The Rubbards

Segment 03

Long Walk
Transport Hub
Segment 04 Bridge

Segment 04
Segment 07

Blackstone Apartments
Dock 07
Edina’s Soup Pot
Factory Courtyard
Grand Bazaar
Keyhole Passage
Redbrick district
Segment 03 Bridge
Segment 07 Diner
Segment Square
Serpent’s Coil
Sky well

Tunesman Isle


The Lost Segment
The Sargasso Vortex

Leviathan’s Rest
Skyfarer’s Rest