The Lost Segment

The Lost Segment is the subject of countless tales told by sailors and merchants across the skies. Some stories paint it as the segment version of a ghost ship. Other tales say it is the secret lair of pirates, or perhaps a lost resistance base from the great war. All stories however, agree upon the fact that it is elusive. The segment appears where and when it chooses to. Whether or not the Lost Segment truly exists however, is a subject of much dispute.

Ghosts of the Fall

At the conclusion of the great war, the nobility enacted a plan that ended with the fall of four Rubbards segments. The events of that day stand out as the most horrible event of the war, and perhaps even of recorded history. Witnesses stated that the segments plunged into the clouds of the abyss and disappeared. What happened to them after that, is unknown.

The Abyss is a place of unexplored mysteries. If the Abyss has a bottom, then the segments could have fallen until they reached it. If not, then the segments may indeed drift somewhere in the abyss, hidden under the clouds. Should this be the case, then the Lost Segment may very well be one of those fallen segments.

After such a journey however, one is helpless but to wonder about the fate of such a place’s residents. Would they still be alive after such a journey? Is the segment nothing more than a barren ruin, inhabited by the spirits of the departed? Who knows if we will ever know for sure.

A Lost Segment of Pirates

Some merchants and sailors reject the idea of a ghost segment. Such a segment would more likely be some manner of hidden base or hideout, they claim. It is certainly an idea that holds merit.

For a pirate or brigand of the skies, fear and superstition can be powerful tools. Should it be known that a place is the den of thieves and pirates, trespassers would be frequent. Those looking for adventure would seek such a place in hopes of employment, while authorities would stage raids. Convince the world that it is a ghost segment however, and few will trespass.

If it is indeed simply a well hidden den for outlaws, then its residents are to be envied. After all, if you were going to be a pirate, wouldn’t you want your secret base to be in a mysterious floating ghost segment too?