Outer Arc of Lutia, Segment 05-05

The lowest rung of the outer arc

The Outer Arc of Lutia is the lowest tier in the Lutian Hierarchy. Of the five segments located there, 05-05 is the lowest in rank and class. Residents here range from the distant relatives of more notable houses to factory foremen and spies. Though their origins may vary, all of the residents of the outer arc share one common trait: A desperate need for superiority over their peers.

While a common trait of the nobility as a whole, that need for superiority leads to rampant treachery and in-fighting. There are no friends here in segment 05-05, only stepping stones and opportunity.

A land of excess

Every aspect of segment 05-05 is gilded and gaudy. Houses are palatial and ostentatious, and even the streets themselves are inlaid with precious metals. Passerby are adorned in only the latest and most popular fashions. Conversations are held in tones of condescension and braggadocio.

While the residents may cling to their wealth and status, they also show a near pathological need to spend well in excess of their means. After all, money and power mean little if nobody knows you have them.

Notable Locations

Segment 05-05 of the outer arc is the home of House Ardzen, and is also Zephyr’s former home. The Ardzen family is firmly entrenched in the lower half of the noble hierarchy, and is desperate for any chance to advance. Consequently, the Ardzens are widely regarded as treacherous and untrustworthy, even among their peers.

The Merchant docks are the entry point for all goods and products entering the segment. While lower in total trade volume compared to docks found in other segments, the merchant docks in segment 05-05 far exceed their volume in one particular type of good – child slaves. As a result, children brought from the Rubbards are a common sight, as are the seedy merchants that peddle them.