Ardzen Manor – Outer Arc of Lutia

Ardzen Manor is located on Segment 05-05 of Lutia’s Outer Arc, and is home to the noble house Ardzen. While the Ardzen family may occupy the lowest ranks of Lutian Nobility, their compulsive spending and lavish tastes have made for an estate seemingly fit for a king.

The Ardzen Gardens

As big fish in a small pond, the Ardzen family controls a significant amount of land on the segment. The sprawling acres of the Ardzen estate are bordered by tall, polished bronze gates. Past those gates are painstakingly manicured lawns, several orchards of fruit trees, and rows of ornamental flowers.

While dozens of laborers are employed to maintain the gardens of the Ardzen estate, the grounds are rarely used by their owners. Though they may serve as the occasional backdrop for parties and gatherings, they have otherwise been ignored by the family since Zephyr’s departure.

In summer, the gardens bear a significant amount of fruit. Pears, apples, and peaches, all grow heavy upon verdant limbs, but are left to fall and wither upon the ground. Consumption of the fruit is strictly forbidden and punishable by death. Their purpose is solely as a demonstration of wealth to their neighbors. That a property could produce such a bountiful harvest that is then left to rot, is in the minds of the Ardzen family, truly a sign of wealth in a world so hungry.

Ardzen Manor

Ardzen Manor is a four story home that erupts upwards from the center of Ardzen gardens. The front fascia boasts seven large windows per floor, and is composed of red brick inlaid with precious metal accents. Six large chimneys spring from the manor’s sharply raked roof line, while a seventh can be seen on the attached two story servant’s quarters.

The interior of the manor is a tribute to excess. Every door and window is surrounded by hand-carved and polished wood
framing. This same richly stained mahogany is also used on all of the interior walls where it raises six feet from the floor and terminates in hand turned crown moldings. Anything not adorned in hardwood is covered in a hand-stitched, creme colored silk and hung with expensive paintings.

The floors of Ardzen Manor are highly polished Mahogany with gold inlays along the seams shared with the walls. Rather than simple lighting, every room is adorned with an elaborate, crystalline chandelier. Both the interior and exterior doors of the manor are constructed from solid oak, and hung with heavy iron hinges.

Dark Rumors

The Ardzen family is well known around the Outer Arc for their treachery. This reputation of betrayal, and the Ardzen family’s seemingly unlimited drive for power has prompted many dark rumors about the estate. The most alarming of tales however, come from the servants within Ardzen Manor itself.

Many of these rumors speak of a series of rooms that lie beneath the main floor of the manor, and behind lock and key. It is said that these rooms have been used to hold servants captive for extended periods of time. These servants are brought in from unknown sources, and are rarely seen after their interment. As to what exactly the Ardzen family does behind these closed doors however, remains a disturbing mystery.