Merchant Docks – Outer Arc of Lutia

Rare is the merchant that frequents the Merchant Docks of the Outer Arc as their main port of call. The docks here pale in comparison to those in the Lutian commons, and the business much less lucrative. That said, the lowest tier of the nobles spend money as much as the next person, and often more in pursuit of their darker vices. Visit the docks after nightfall, and a black market that caters to these vices can be found, waiting with open arms.

The Merchant Docks

Segment 05-05 is the gateway to the Lutian Outer Arc. While many merchants make a stop here on their way to the Lutian Commons, few venture here as their main port of call. For the more scrupulous of merchants, there is simply more money to be had in the higher ranking segments. For those more lightly loaded with morals however, the Outer Arc presents a lucrative business opportunity.

The merchant docks are a small facility with docking space for but a mere half dozen ships. By day, rarely more than one or two of the docks are ever seen in use at once. By night however, the docks become a crowded hot spot filled to capacity.

The Black Market

While the Merchant docks are a common destination for all manner of customer during the day, both customer and merchant alike take care to conclude their business before the sun sets. Once night has fallen, a bustling black market opens its doors, and with it comes a less than savory crowd.

Anything one desires can be had at this black market. Thieves and Assassins stand concealed within the shadows and ply their trade for cash and favors. Harshly fermented alcohol and drugs can be found sourced from the Rubbards, for those who wish to partake of goods below their station as a guilty pleasure.

Where the Black Market truly makes its coin however, is as a purveyor of dark fetish and obsession. While Rubbards slaves may be commonplace in Lutia, those obtained here are purchased with specific, unsavory uses in mind. More taboo still, is the fact that many sold here are sourced from the noble houses of Lutia itself. Failed fliers, members of disgraced families, and those found to be traitors to the nation are among the merchant’s stock.

While mostly catering to the lower ranks of nobility, every now and then, someone of merit can be sighted at the Merchant docks. It is these big fish as it were, that keep the market running.

The Eyes of Lutia

High in the government of Lutia, there exists a group referred to as the Eyes of Lutia. This group specializes in intelligence gathering, manipulation, and misinformation. They are a shady group that work not for money, but information. They trade favors for favors, and are notorious for their uncanny ability to know everything about everyone.

It is said that this black market is run by agents of the Eyes of Lutia themselves. After all, what better way to obtain information and leverage over someone than by catering to their darkest desires?

For anyone who may dabble in the market’s wares, know that it comes with risk. Those with loose lips or hidden secrets often find themselves in the employ of the Eyes, whether they like it, or not.