Noble Nation of Lutia


The Nation of Lutia is composed of eighteen segments, each broken down into groups based on class and status. The most elite reside in tier 01, while the lowest class of nobility reside in tier 05. The segments that compose these groups are tiered even further, with lower numbers signifying a higher standing among that group.

While this may seem needlessly complicated, rank and status is something of an obsession among the nobility. Every aspect of their lives must fall into some type of ranking or order, so that their power and status can be more easily discerned.

Tier 05 – The Outer Arc of Lutia

The lowest rank of nobility can be found in the 5th tier, also known as the outer Arc. This group is composed of five segments, and is the closest group of segments to the Rubbards. The residents of the outer arc are composed of factory foremen, spies, disgraced families, and distant relatives to the more relevant houses.

People in the Outer Arc are desperate to prove their worth to their betters. As such, the nobles here are particularly ruthless and treacherous. The nobility of the outer arc have a reputation for gaudy and ostentatious design, and an adherence to only the latest trends. Should you have particularly perverse tastes or fetishes, rest assured that someone in the Outer Arc will gladly cater to them – for the right price.

Tier 03 and 04 – The Commons

Tiers 03 and 04 of Lutia are home to merchants and traders who have purchased their status. Successful Flyers may also be found in the Commons. While those in the Outer Arc are known to over-extend themselves, those of the Commons are the exact opposite. Merchants and Traders by nature, the focus here is to accumulate more and rise higher. Tiers 03 and 04 are comprised of three and four segments each, respectively.

Tier 02 – The Inner Arc of Lutia

Tier 02 is home to some of the most powerful houses in Lutia. It is the highest one can rise without having been a founding member or Great War veteran. The residents of Tier 02 are the wealthiest of merchants, and those who have proven themselves indispensable to the nation. To reach this tier is the goal of everyone in the nation. Its residents are envied and emulated by those beneath them.

Tier 01 – The Legacy Segment

The lone segment of Tier 01 is reserved solely for founding members of the nobility. Residents of the first tier are heroes and veterans of the Great War, or held significant status before it. The wealth and power of those in the first tier is virtually limitless. They expend staggering sums of money without a second thought, and do so because their vast fortunes render the value of money a meaningless concept to them. Their tastes and way of life are the example the rest of Lutia aspires to follow.

The Sanctum

Beyond Tier 01 lies the Sanctum, an elite tier comprised of three segments. Access to these segments is strictly forbidden, even to founders, and foot access is prevented by the lack of a segment bridge. The region is buffered to the east by the Bay of Lutia, and to the west by the Elysian Harbor. These areas are patrolled by the most elite of the Lutian military, and any intruders are dealt with swiftly, regardless of status.

The segments of the Sanctum are much smaller than others found in Lutia, and have much in common with Tunesman Isle. Each is home to only one man, and of the three owners, the identities of only the first two are commonly known.

The first two in sequence belong to Lutia’s oldest, and most powerful generals- General Haborym and General Gomory. The owner of the last segment however, is far more mysterious. It is rumored that he is the original founder of Lutia, and the mastermind behind the Great War. Within Lutia, his identity is known only to the founders, and none have seen his face since the conclusion of the Great War.