Rubbards Segment 03 Factory District

Segment 03 – An isle of Industry

Segment 03 of the Rubbards is known as the factory district. Long ago, all segments of the Rubbards featured residential areas. In the subsequent years since the conclusion of the great war however, noble-owned industry has slowly taken much of it over. This is particularly the case for segment 03, which is now almost exclusively factories and factory-related property. Notable locations include the long walk, the transport hub, and the remnants of the segment 04 bridge.

A place of Soot and steel

Segment 03 is occupied primarily by heavy industry. The factories here produce a wide variety of goods as well as a staggering amount of pollution. Due to the segment’s position on the east side of the Rubbards, strong westerly winds carry the bulk of this pollution to segment 07.

The factories here produce primarily ship related goods, and the segment is the largest producer of synthetic crystals in the world. As the bulk of the land here is reserved for factory use, all but the segment’s outer edges are fenced in. These fences are tall and built from concrete and steel. Amidst the heavy pollution, the fences have begun to corrode and lend a depressing, hopeless air to the segment.

Notable Locations

The transport hub is the most notable location in segment 03. As the largest center of transportation and trade, it is heavily trafficked and surveilled. People from all over the Rubbards depend on the various taxis and transports for both traveling as well as commerce. It is not uncommon to see high ranking members of the nobility here.

The long walk is the term for the long, fenced-in walkway that lines the perimeter of the segment. The long walk is a popular place for posting ads and offers. Even casual perusal will yield a staggering number of both pro and anti nobility propaganda.

The remnants of the segment 04 bridge can be found on the northwest side of the segment. These remnants are the old site of the connecting bridge that led to segment 04 before it was sunk. While few understand its significance today, those who do look upon the site with heavy hearts.