Long Walk – Segment 03

Long walk is the name of the long, fenced-in path that runs along the perimeter of Segment 03. As the sole route to the transport hub, the Long Walk sees large amounts of commercial and pedestrian foot traffic. It is a popular place for classified ads, propaganda, and announcements.

Design of the Long Walk

As Segment 03 is an almost completely factory-owned isle, the Long walk runs along the segment’s outer edges. On its exterior side lies a ten foot tall wall of thick concrete that runs the entirety of the walk. While originally intended to prevent travelers from falling, it has become a popular place to post fliers and announcements.

On the inner side of the walk runs a tall, iron fence that reaches fourteen feet high. Though coated in a thick layer of rust and oxidation, it remains a durable barrier against trespassers. Along the top edge of this fence runs a sharp bale of barbed wire. While missing in some places, its promise of injury and the nigh inevitable tetanus infection deter all but the most hardheaded from entering the factory grounds.

Propaganda and History

As long as the Long Walk has existed, there has been a constant stream of propaganda and fliers upon its walls. Rather than remove older postings, newer additions are simply tacked on wherever there is space. As such, the years have seen the collection of postings grow many layers thick.

While of little interest to the bulk of the residents of the Rubbards, those interested in local history would be best served by starting their research at the Long Walk. By searching through the bottom-most layers, it is possible to paint a picture of the Rubbards as far back as the Great War – Something not thought possible in a world where accurate, written accounts of history are so actively hunted and destroyed.

Local Denizens

The Long Walk is a popular meeting spot for many of the Rubbards’ elderly residents. These groups of elderly citizens gather to chat and pass the time, and are known to search the walls for deals and bargains. While it is tempting to simply regard these older folks as ill-tempered coots with too much time on their hands, it would be a mistake.

Many of these local denizens make their living through the sale of information. The sharpest among them monitor passerby and listen in on conversation. With the Transport hub but a short walk away, they can pass along anything valuable with little delay.