Transport Hub – Segment 03

The Transport Hub is the largest center of trade and travel in the world. It is located in the Rubbards on a small segment just off the northeastern coast of Segment 03. Though its construction and operations are financed by private sources, its gates are open to anyone with a large enough wallet.

Layout of the Transport Hub

The Transport Hub connects to the Northeast shore of Segment 03 by a single bridge. This bridge is the sole path for foot traffic coming and going, and thus it is heavily monitored.

Visitors to the hub are greeted by two large watchtowers the moment they step onto the segment. From these towers, Noble agents look down upon the crowds from behind tinted glass. While many dismiss these towers as a simple security precaution, others suspect a more insidious nature.

The narrow entryway opens up into a spacious parade ground lined with rows of waiting taxi transports. Drivers here compete fiercely for fares, and are known to erupt into heated arguments with one another. Should you manage to secure yourself a taxi, its driver will gladly ferry you anywhere in the Rubbards you can afford.

The outer perimeter of the Transport Hub is home to the commercial docks and twelve numbered watchtowers that overlook the grounds. These docks are split into plots for the various factories and fenced off accordingly.

It should be noted that these areas are considered private and are guarded by armed soldiers. Both inquisitive competitors and thieves alike will meet the same fate should they attempt to gain access without permission.

Traffic Control

Aerial traffic both coming and going from the hub are directed by crews on the ground. These crews occupy the same towers as the surveillance agents, and communicate with one another via brightly colored flags. Enthusiasts young and old are known to visit the hub solely to take in their colorful and carefully choreographed routines.

To date, there have only been a handful of accidents on the hub, none of which were attributed to ground crews. This clean record then, is proof of the crews’ skill and the hard work they do. For those who possess the aptitude, finding employ in their ranks is both an honorable and lucrative career choice.

Flow of Information

Originally, the Transport Hub allowed only commercial traffic. Over time however, the nobility came to realize they were overlooking a valuable resource – Information. With the announcement of public services, crowds arrived at the hub in staggering numbers. With so many people in one area, the nobles found they could gather massive amounts of information with only a fraction of the manpower.

Potential victims of hunts, leaders of rebellions, and other people of interest walked willingly into their hands. Though many dismiss this information gathering as simple conspiracy, one need only watch the dozens of messengers as they scurry from tower to tower. In their hands are notes that contain valuable information. Should they make it to the men inside the towers, they will be cataloged and recorded. To what end, nobody is sure.

The need for caution however, should not be limited to the Transport Hub itself. Should you be tempted to let your guard down as you leave, take care. Virtually every person employed on the hub reports to someone. Whether it be the driver of your taxi or the boy who delivers your lunch on the parade grounds, ears are everywhere. Rumors even speak of people that mingle and loiter on the Long Walk, solely for the purpose of listening.