Rubbards Segment 04 Residential District

An Example for the Resistance

Segment 04 was a residential segment of the Rubbards and a bustling town until the end of the great war. When the Lutian Nobility emerged victorious, they turned their sights to hunting down the remnants of the resistance. The nobility however, are not a group known for their patience. After several weeks, the nobility grew tired. They decided then, that rather than expending the effort to hunt down every last member, they would instead send a clear and unmistakable message.

To send this message, the nobility plotted to sink several segments in the Rubbards. There would be no warning, nor any notice. The goal was simple: strike terror into the hearts of the public, and show what the nobility could be capable of if pushed.

Segments 02, 06, 07, and 11 were chosen as targets. As the time for their operation to commence drew near however, they received word from one of their agents. They had located the family of one of the nobility’s most sought after targets – a man now known as the Tunesman. While there was no word of his location, his family had been confirmed in hiding on segment 04.

The Fate of Segment 04

The Nobility had tried for a very long time to track down the leaders of the resistance. Despite a great amount of effort, they had failed completely. Upon learning of the Tunesman’s family, the nobility added segment 04 to their list. It was a highly populated residential segment similar to segment 07, and as such, they would lose only a minimum of potential industry. It was deemed an acceptable cost for their petty revenge.

The nobility sent their teams into the interior of each segment and began to disable their control systems. Once disabled, the segments would fall from the sky into the abyss below. Segment 04 was the first to fall.

The Tunesman watched helplessly from segment 07 as his family plunged to the abyss below; There are no records of any survivors. Witnesses reported that the fall of a segment created a large vortex in the clouds as it fell. The clouds receded shortly after, but the screams of tens of thousands of people were said to be audible for several minutes.