Rubbards Segment 07 Residential District

Segment 07 is a place with a long and storied history. The segment was a center for the resistance during the great war, and the lone survivor among the segments marked by the nobility to fall.

Segment 07 is now one of the few residential segments that remains in the Rubbards. As such, the segment is vastly overpopulated. Despite land that is already in short supply, the factories continue to encroach. Arthur’s Dock 07 is the only privately held dock that remains on the segment.

Limited Resources and Overpopulation

The reasons for the segment’s overpopulation are two-fold. For one, it is one of the last remaining residential segments left in the Rubbards, thus most have little choice but to settle there. In addition, the adjacent segment 03 boasts the highest concentration of factories in all of the Rubbards. As its closest neighbor, segment 07 is a logical place to settle for those looking for work. The increase in factories on the segment itself only serves to further sweeten the prospect.

The home of the resistance

Segment 07 was a center for the resistance during the great war. While those days may be long past, its history continues to shape it in present day. Natives of the segment tend to harbor a rebellious streak. Helped by outspoken residents like Sarah and Dianne, the segment is far less tolerant of noble rule than its neighbors. While the segment is not free from spies and factories, it is rare to find any of the pro-nobility propaganda common on the other segments.

This rebellious streak is further helped by people like Arthur who make very visible stands against noble demands. Nowhere else have the rights and safety of Rubbards workers and noble slaves been championed as they have here.

While more of a club than anything, segment 07 is also home to the latest generation of anti-Lutian resistance. While the children that compose its roster may not actively engage in warfare against the nobility, their views on Lutian rule are clear and their hatred runs deep.

Surviving the Fall

At the end of the great war, the Lutian nobility plotted to drop four Rubbards segments from the sky. This act of genocide would serve as a warning to those who would oppose them. Segment 07 was among the four segments selected. As a center for the resistance, the loss of the segment would deal a devastating blow. It was a well aimed plan, as the Tunesman and the rest of the resistance leadership were in hiding at dock 07 at the time.

When the nobility learned that the Tunesman’s family was in hiding on residential segment 04 however, they altered their plans. Segment 04 would fall as well, and in advance of the others; It was a blow intended specifically to cause pain to one of their most reviled opponents. While the fall of segment 04 did indeed deal the blow they had intended, it also provided the resistance with advanced notice. It is because of this notice that the Tunesman was able to find a way to counter their plans.

The bulk of the resistance remnants were gathered on segment 07 at the time of the attack. Due to their close proximity and advanced warning, they were able to react fast enough to make a difference. Their defense was able to stall the noble forces long enough for the Tunesman to take control of the segment’s main control crystal. The other segments unfortunately, were not so lucky.

Notable Locations on Segment 07

Segment 07 is home to a large number of notable locations. Dock 07 is one of the last privately held docks in the Rubbards. The docks are home to Arthur and Zephyr, and served as the main headquarters of the resistance during the great war.

Segment Square and the Diner are particularly well known among the residents of the segment. The square is one of the few open air areas on the segment and sees thousands of people worth of foot traffic on a daily basis. The Diner is a popular place to grab a bite as well as a peek at the famous Dianne.

For those looking to acquire rare or potentially illegal goods, the grand bazaar is a common stop. A buyer can find almost anything they may desire here, from freshly baked breads to questionably acquired Lutian armor and weaponry.