Blackstone Apartments – Segment 07

The Blackstone Apartments are an old residential apartment complex that was built during Segment 07‘s inception. The building is composed almost entirely of reinforced concrete and spans ten floors high. Neglect for its upkeep is especially apparent given its age, and can be seen in the countless cracks and fissures that run along its walls. The apartment’s name comes from the thick layer of soot and pollution that cakes its exterior – A downside of its proximity to the factory district.

The Interior

Large piles of rubble and debris fill the apartment’s main floor lobby. This refuse is what remains after the Blackstone fire. It is anyone’s guess as to whether the debris is left as a memorial, or out of sheer local apathy. Paths through the refuse have been cleared to allow foot-traffic through the lobby area.

At the far corners of the lobby, make-shift shelters can be seen amidst the rubble. Rather than move elsewhere, many of the residents made homeless by the fire, have simply resettled here. Materials for their shelters have been salvaged from local debris or bartered for, and life has gone on. Though not ideal, life on the ground floor is still better than many of the alternatives.

Access to the higher floors is gained via a dual concrete staircase that climbs the far wall of the building in a repeating X pattern.

The History of the Blackstone Apartments

The Blackstone Apartments have stood for as long as the segment has existed. Unlike most of the buildings around them, they are purpose-built. Any patchwork or improvised materials encountered exist solely due to repairs made by its residents.

As the Apartments were intended to house large amounts of people in one area, the density and scale of its living quarters border on claustrophobic. While not the worst accommodations, the Blackstone Apartments are by no means luxurious.

Due to their population and proximity to Segment 03, the apartments have been a frequent target for noble hunts. During one such hunt, a riot broke out between hunters and the apartment’s residents. One of the hunters was injured and their group quickly fled.

When they returned, the hunters did so with an armed escort. After an inspection, the injured hunter pointed out Bart‘s father as the man who had injured him. As an example, the soldiers rounded up both Bart’s father and his family. The entire family including Drake and Lily were locked inside their apartment, and the soldiers set it ablaze.

The subsequent blaze, known as the Blackstone fire, resulted in a complete collapse of the second floor. Drake, Lily, and Bart were the only survivors of their family.

Notable Residents

Drake, Lily, and Bart still reside in the Blackstone Apartments, and occupy adjacent rooms on the tenth floor. While the apartments certainly carry more than their fair share of bad memories, their proximity to the factory courtyard make them a necessary evil. By living atop ten flights of stairs at least, the danger of being involved in another hunt are minimal.