Diner of Segment 07

The Diner of Segment 07 is a local staple of both diet and culture. It is one of the oldest structures on the segment, and has been family owned for generations. While the food it serves is second to none, it’s open to debate as to whether its the menu or the staff that truly brings in the customers.

Origin and History

The Diner has been a fixture of Segment 07 for as long as anyone can remember. A closer look at its structure however, lends credence to rumors of its age and permanence. While the bulk of the Rubbards is built with scrap and re-purposed material, the Diner is sculpted from the same concrete-like material as the segment itself. This would suggest that the Diner, or at least the structure it occupies, has existed since the segment’s creation.

Success did not truly avail itself until ownership of the Diner fell to Dianne and Jance’s mother. While strict and hot-tempered, their mother exhibited a passion for good cooking and a shrewd eye for business. As is customary, the staff is comprised mostly of family, with gaps filled in by local residents.

Of the family staff, Sarah was the first to truly realize the Diner’s power, and its responsibility to the community.

Through Sarah’s hard work, the Diner became not only a place to eat, but the place to be. Visitors new and old are welcomed and valued, regardless of wallet or trade. Whether its dinner, a date, or an event, anyone who is anyone has it here.

After Sarah’s abduction by noble hunters, Dianne took up the torch. Her grace, warmth, and beauty only served to raise popularity further.


In its inception, the Diner was simply a way to make money and put food on the table. It wasn’t until Sarah and Dianne’s influence however that it became something more. The Diner would still be a business, an extremely profitable one at that, but it would also start giving back.

Agreements were made with local businesses for support in exchange for advertising. Donations from these agreements were then used to help offset the costs of feeding the local children. Children that grow up with a full belly not only improve the segment, but also grow to become loyal customers.

While the program proved successful, it did not truly take off until the local Crystal Smith Arthur became involved. Arthur has made substantial contributions over the years, and has helped shape the Diner into what it is today.

Diner Layout

Unlike the majority of the structures in Segment 07, the Diner boasts three floors and a basement, each separated by a sturdy wooden door. The lock to these doors is unlocked solely by the key worn around the neck of Jance’s mother. This is intended to both keep her family safe, and prevent employees from sneaking materials or naps.

The basement is generally used for the storage of vegetables and perishable items, and includes living quarters for family as well. As it is the most secure level, Jance’s and Dianne’s rooms can be found here. Jance’s room features the only window on the basement level, and looks out on to the alleyway behind the building.

The main floor is the level most customers are familiar with. It houses the kitchen, as well as the dining area, and is one of the few buildings in the Rubbards to feature large-paned glass windows.

The second and third floors are comprised of living quarters, storage for non-perishable dry-goods, and a bakery. The bakery lies on the third floor along with storage of dry-goods. A chute allows transport of these goods to the kitchen below with minimal effort and time. Any family members that do not have rooms on the basement level such as Brad and his mother, can be found on the second floor.