Dock 07 of Segment 07

Dock 07 is the last privately owned dock left in the Rubbards. It is located on the southern side of Segment 07, and is owned by an old crystal technician named Arthur. Dock 07 is known across the world for its unmatched quality in ship repair. It is frequented by both merchants and nobles alike.

The History of Dock 07

Dock 07 was originally built to receive and store supplies bound for segment 07. During the Great War however, its role changed to one of a military nature. Throughout the war, Dock 07 served as a main headquarters for the resistance. It was the center for its operations and much of its personnel.

Even as the war reached its conclusion, the dock remained an important asset for the now scattered resistance. As the noble forces scoured the Rubbards for its members, many regrouped here to make their last stand.

The high concentration of resistance personnel made Dock 07 a key target for Lutia. When the nobles enacted their plan to sink several of the Rubbards’ segments, segment 07 was made a key target as a result. This high concentration of resistance members however, also proved to be the segment’s salvation. Those who took shelter in the dock were able to react to the noble attack on the segment quickly. As a result, segment 07 was able to narrowly avoid destruction.

After the subsequent withdrawal of the Lutian forces, the resistance members scattered back across the Rubbards. Arthur’s master, a leader in the resistance, chose to remain at Dock 07. Through his effort, the dock was converted back to its original form, and became a service dock and research facility for crystal technology. It maintained this role for several years, until Arthur’s master was abducted.

The docks were left without a master for several years while Arthur pursued his apprenticeship under the Tunesman. Upon its completion, Arthur immediately returned and took over ownership. From that day forward, it had remained a service dock, and is frequented by both merchants and nobles alike. It remains in Arthur’s control to this day.


Dock 07 features a large berthing area with four docking planks. These planks lead into a large service bay lined by several rooms. These rooms serve as both storage space, and accommodation for visitors and staff. Most have remained empty since the days of the war.

As a security measure left from its days as a resistance headquarters, a series of heavy iron doors line the dock’s halls. These hulking iron doors each feature an integrated crystal tumbler. This mechanism prevents their opening without the presence of a corresponding tone. Due to the heavy construction of the doors and the dock’s overall design, it is extremely resistant to unwanted trespassers. It is the only privately held dock in the Rubbards for a good reason.

Between the service bay and the exit to segment 07 square lies a large open room. Originally intended for the organization of supplies and cargo destined for the segment, it is now home to a sprawling collection of junk and spare parts. Past this area and through yet another iron door lies a crystal actuated escalator. This escalator traverses the steep incline up to the final airlock which leads to the square.

An endangered species

Each segment in the Rubbards features between four and eight docks. Among the eight present on segment 07 however, only Dock 07 is privately owned. The remainder of the docks on the segment are either held by local factories, or rendered unusable by neglect or damage from war. As these docks provide a purpose-built facility for both intake and shipment of goods, they are highly sought after.

Factories are known to employ hunters that lie in wait for any opportunity to seize one – Usually by force. These hunters are paid handsomely for their efforts should they be successful, and are quite persistent as a result. When venturing out from the docks, it is vital that one always be vigilant and wary of their presence.