Grand Bazaar – Segment 07

The Grand Bazaar of Segment 07 is a large market known across the Rubbards for its unmatched selection of goods. Nearly anything from a loaf of freshly baked bread to a Lutian military uniform can be found here. The question then, is not whether you will find what you desire at the Bazaar, but whether or not you will be able to afford it once you do. It is located just past the entrance to the Serpent’s Coil in Segment 07.

Local Wares

Segment 07 is home to a wide array of vendors and shops. The segment’s labyrinthine design however, can make trying to find said vendors an exercise in futility. To help expand their customer base and improve business, many vendors tend regular stalls along the main stretch of the Grand Bazaar. A stroll from one end to the other will reveal everything from bakers, to leather workers, to salvage dealers.

Those with an appetite will also find a wide assortment of food and drink as well. Squeamish customers however, may wish to refrain from asking too many questions about their meal’s origins.

The Darker side of the Grand Bazaar

Visitors to the Grand Bazaar in search of more illicit goods need not be disappointed. While the main stretch of the bazaar tends to cater to more pedestrian tastes, a turn down one of the Bazaar’s many side streets is sure to widen the eyes of even the most worldly of visitors.

Within the Bazaar’s darkest corners, inventories takes a decidedly black market turn. Everything from Lutian weaponry and armor to military uniforms can be acquired for the right price. Shipments of various goods stolen from the Transport Hub also have a habit of showing up within the Grand Bazaar’s side alleys.

Many of the more specialized dealers will only deal with customers that have been properly introduced. Any vendor to offer rare goods or contraband without such formalities and precautions is best avoided. To leave the Bazaar empty handed is not the worst nor the only way the careless leave.

Eyes and Ears in Every Stall

Those who visit the Bazaar in search of questionable goods would be wise to take care. While the eyes and ears of Lutia are limited here compared to other Segments, they exist nonetheless. Unlike much of the Rubbards however, Lutian eyes are not the ones to watch for.

A large criminal element tends to call the darkest corners of the bazaar home. While members of these various criminal groups keep a watchful eye on all visitors, extra attention is directed towards those who venture into the darker recesses. Double-cross one of the vendors under their protection, and they will be the first to pay you a visit.

Organized criminal elements however, are not the only kind that lurk amidst the Bazaar. Extortionists, pickpockets, and petty thieves are all a common sight as well. Should you flash your money amidst the wrong person’s gaze, it will not be long before you are relieved of it, if not more.

Due to the questionable origins of many of their goods, vendors tend to keep an ear to the ground regarding any Noble presence. As a result, frequent visitors to the Grand Bazaar note a distinct absence of vendors immediately before and during a hunt. This advanced warning tends to spread quickly across the segment. Though not intentional, it has likely saved more than a few from the hunters’ grasp.