Redbrick District – Segment 07

Unlike the cobbled together buildings and labyrinths found across the rest of Segment 07, the Redbrick District is purpose-built housing said to have existed since the segment’s creation. While the urban sprawl of the segment has closed in over the years, a small section of the district remains, untouched to this day.

Origins of the Redbrick District

It is said that when Segment 07 was created, the world was a very different place. Starvation and overpopulation were not yet an issue, and everyone had a place to live and a role to play. What is left of the Redbrick District then, is a snapshot of the world the way it once was.

As time moved forward and space became a premium, the district was slowly overrun by the surrounding buildings. While only a small portion remains as it was, much of the Redbrick District can still be found beneath the floors of housing block.


Construction of the Redbrick District is sturdy and purposeful. Much of the district’s underlying structure is formed from the same cement-like material as the segment. This cement structure is wrapped in an exterior material that resembles red masonry brick. This softer outer material allows exterior attachments such as lighting to be more easily added. That it lends a classic, old-world elegance to the buildings, is but a pleasant side effect.

Each building consists of four apartments, with two on the bottom floor, and two on the top. The front of each building features a wide porch area with steps leading up to the main doors. Once inside, a stair case leads to the upper floors.

Each building is furnished with polished wood flooring and large bay windows that look out onto the street. Compared to the typical construction found in Segment 07’s housing blocks, the interior space and standards of comfort are truly of another world.

A Place of Spirits and Memories

Though most of the Redbrick District has been overtaken by the ever expanding housing blocks of the segment, a small portion remains intact and undisturbed.

This area was once home to a young woman named Alison. One day, during a noble hunt, Alison and her family were targeted. The hunters took Alison and her two younger siblings Marcus and Martika, but her parents were brutally massacred by the hunters for resisting, and left as an example. Such was the savagery behind their deaths, that their home remained vacant for many years after.

Years later, after the events of that day had been forgotten, people began to move back to the area. Whenever anyone would disturb the building that used to belong to Alison’s family however, strange things would happen. People would complain of it being abnormally cold, or of hearing laughter in the middle of the night. Those who ventured out after dark would report sightings of a girl in a dark blue dress. This girl would often dance and pirouette around before seeming to vanish into the darkness.

Word of these ghosts and hauntings quickly spread. While many dismissed them as silly superstition, others saw word of a young girl out in the open as a chance for profit. The information was sold to local hunters, and a hunt was launched to obtain this rare prize.

The bodies of the hunters were found several days later. Each hunter was impaled upon a large spire of ice, and the bodies were left in the open, as if on display. From that point forward, the remains of the Redbrick District were abandoned and left to the spirits that resided in them.