Segment 03 Bridge – Segment 07

The Segment 03 Bridge is a suspension-style bridge that spans the 4200 foot gap between the shores of Segment 03 and Segment 07. It is the most heavily trafficked footpath in the Rubbards, and is essential to both commercial trade and daily life.

The Busiest Bridge in the Rubbards

On the southwestern side of the bridge lies Segment 07. It is one of the few remaining residential segments left in the Rubbards, and easily the most populated. On the bridge’s northeastern side lies the heart of Rubbards Industry, Segment 03. Due to its location between the two busiest segments, the Segment 03 bridge has naturally become the busiest bridge in the Rubbards.

At any given moment, one can witness countless people making their ways to back and forth across the Segment 03 Bridge. Some are destined for, or have returned home from the Transport Hub. Others simply make their daily commute to the factories. As even sunlight can be a rare treat for many of the residents of Segment 07, it’s not uncommon to see large numbers of people make the trip simply for a breath of fresh air.

It is customary for people to walk upon the southeast side of the bridge. While this is not something that is strictly enforced, the many factory transports that pass on the other side are not known for stopping. Accidents are not unheard of, especially during the busiest commuting hours.

Design of the Segment 03 Bridge

While relatively stable, the Segment 03 bridge links two independently floating segments. Designers required something that was strong and durable, but also adaptable to fierce winds and movement. Rather than use a rigid bridge design, a long suspension style bridge was developed.

In total, the bridge is about 30 feet wide, and spans 4200 feet across the abyss. The main surface of the bridge is composed of 420 thick metal plates, each ten feet long. These plates are supported from beneath by lengths of steel cable that are threaded through the body of each plate. Each cable is approximately 20 inches in diameter and composed of several thousand individual strands.

While perfectly stable without them, the bridge receives additional support from cable railings. These railings are located on either side of the bridge and are approximately three inches in diameter.

Due to the exceptionally strong winds that blow across from the open sky, the Segment 03 bridge is known to sway and rock in the breeze. While this movement is accounted for in its design, it can still be quite unnerving to new visitors.