Segment Square – Segment 07

Segment square is the central-most point of Segment 07. It is a vital crossroads for travelers, and one of the few places with an open view of the sky. Visitors to the square often stop for a breath of fresh air and a bite from the local diner before they resume their journeys. As such, it has become a landmark known across the Rubbards.


Segment 07‘s many serpentine passages make it a labyrinth, even to its own residents. Its numerous paths traverse its claustrophobic interior and lead to countless destinations. As the central point of the segment, segment square allows travelers and residents alike to get their bearings.

Segment 07’s famous Diner sits on the north side of the square and beckons to weary travelers eager for nourishment. By using the Diner as a landmark, a traveler can find their way to Segment 08 or 03 by seeking one of the more traveled paths on the western or eastern sides of the square respectively.

On the south end of the square lies the receiving platform for Dock 07. Several times a month, large shipments of raw materials and industrial crystals are delivered here. During these times, the factory spies creep out from the shadows and wait patiently for an opening.

The Crowds of Segment Square

The segment square is a favored gathering spot for the young, the social, and the opportunist. As with any popular social spot, both good and bad elements tend to gather.

Those with the money meet at the diner. There, they can unwind and enjoy an atmosphere unlike anywhere else on the segment. While they tend to peak in the evening, lines of hungry patrons can be found at most hours of the day.

The young and less well off however, tend to gather outside, in the square itself. While not as enticing as the diner, the square’s crystal street lamps provide a suitable locale for dates and meetings. Look closely enough, and you may even catch a glimpse of a member of the Segment 07 resistance with their ear to the crowds.

In other cases however, there are those that gather in search of victims. The pickpocketing of visitors is a common issue in the segment square, as is the presence of hunters. For the opportunist, few places offer as plentiful a selection of potential targets as the segment square.