Serpent’s Coil – Segment 07

The Serpent’s Coil is a dark, twisting passage that extends deep below the surface of Segment 07. Located just outside of the Grand Bazaar, this damp catacomb is shrouded in urban legend and folklore. The realities behind the coil’s origins however, are far more pedestrian than many care to believe.

Origins of the Serpent’s Coil

A segment is an incredibly complex feat of engineering. Though largely unused today, hundreds of miles of wiring, piping, and conduit run beneath the segment’s surface. To access this built-in infrastructure, long series of tunnels were built into the segment itself.

Much to the chagrin of those who believe the folklore, the Serpent’s Coil is but one of these tunnels. Though in poor condition, it is one of the few maintenance passages with entrances that are still accessible from the surface.

Years of neglect and unregulated construction have caused several collapses and cave-ins. What was once a maze of passages is now but a single winding path. As its tunnels have slowly decayed, drainage has also become an issue. Condensation, rain from above, and wastewater have all collected in the lower parts of the coil. In these areas, waist-deep, stagnant pools have formed. The smells alone that come from these pools are likely the source of much of the myth that surrounds the Coil.

Urban Legends and Folklore

While many stories and urban legends surround the Serpent’s Coil, the most notable is that of the Blackstone Butcher.

Some say that the butcher was simply a man driven mad by the loss of his family in the Blackstone fire. Others whisper of a Noble conspiracy. The most popular version however, is about a man that was possessed by a demon he came in contact with while exploring the dark passages of the Coil. Under this demon’s control, the man was driven mad and forced to claim victims from the Blackstone Apartments and surrounding area. Each night, he would return with them to the coil and brutally murder them as sacrifices.

This man was said to exhibit strange powers derived from his demonic possession, and these powers made him superhumanly strong. His string of brutal murders continued for many weeks until a battalion of noble soldiers entered the Serpent’s Coil and subdued him. It is unknown what became of the man after that, but it is said that the demon continues to prowl the depths in search of a new host to this day.

Passerby on their way to the Grand Bazaar often report foul smells emitted from deep within. Many claim it is the stench of the death and decay of unclaimed victims of the butcher. Others report a strange hum they claim is the voice of the demon itself, desperate to lure them inside. Needless to say, the Serpent’s Coil is a place visited only by the most daring or the most oblivious.