Sky Well of Segment 07

The Sky Well is a local landmark found deep within Segment 07 of the Rubbards. While little more than a long, vertical shaft, the sky well is an oasis to local residents that long for a breath of fresh air.

Origin and Legacy

As the Great War reached its conclusion, the Rubbards found itself suddenly lacking in space. Refugees poured into Segment 07, and land was snatched up at a staggering pace. As the people ran out of room to expand horizontally, they turned they gazes upwards to the sky.

Wrought of scavenged materials and scrap, the people built upon what had come before them. Precarious towers sprang up from the segment and spanned as many as ten stories high. When they found they could go no higher, the people began to fill in the gaps between. The end result of this expansion was a giant, cube-like labyrinth filled to the brim with people, each packed end to end in ramshackle apartments.

How then, in a land so desperate for space, does a ten foot wide hole ten stories deep come to be? Simply put, by necessity. You see, there was once a great fire within the housing block, and a large number of both homes and people were killed in the blaze. When the flames were finally extinguished, they left naught but a smoldering hole in their passing.

The location of this hole posed a problem for the people of segment 07. Residents were eager to rebuild, but found that moving materials through the block’s many winding passages was nearly impossible. The solution then, was to move them over the top of the block itself, and then lower them inside through a large, vertical shaft.

The sky well that remains is a monument to the joining of the segment towards a common good. Those lucky enough to visit it from the roof side are treated to a small plaque that memorializes the endeavor.

Two sides of the Sky well

To those that reside within the interior of the Segment, the sky well is a popular meeting spot. Visitors can catch a glimpse of the sky and sun, and partake of the cool, fresh air from above.

Just as the sky well is a window outside for those who reside within, it is also a window in for those on the outside. Large groups of children are known to gather around the sky well on sunny days. They wave and greet passerby, and play games with any children who have gathered below. While it may not be a location steeped in Lutian levels of luxury, the locals are fond of it nonetheless.