Leviathan’s Rest – The Sargasso Vortex

Numerous are the whispers among sailors about the Sargasso Vortex and the secrets hidden in its sanguine depths. Listen closely to enough of these whispers however, and one is bound to eventually hear mention of Leviathan’s Rest. The rest is a legend among legends, and many swear it is the home of the ancient Leviathan – A ship from the great war said to be the largest and most formidable warship ever created.


Leviathan’s Rest is said to occupy the darkest depths of the center-most area of the Sargasso. The wrecks of ships become far less common in this region due to differences in pressure and resonance. Were it not for rumors of the hulking warship, it is most likely that this area would simply be a void – an empty space where not even light dares to tread.

One must wonder about the properties of such a place. Would there be air at such depths? Would the pressure crush you the minute you crossed into its borders? If it were even mildly hospitable, would such a place be navigable without even the most basic of landmarks to guide you? Or would you simply become lost in the darkness?

I for one, would prefer not to personally find out. Should any adventures return to tell their tales however, I would gladly buy them a drink in exchange for their account.

The Leviathan’s Plight

The Leviathan was a warship built in the times before the Great War. Why a ship of such power and size was needed in times of peace, however, is unknown. Some say it was a ship meant to protect the segments from Dragons. Others swear it was built as a shield to defend against an invading foe. Regardless of its original intent however, it became a flagship for the resistance during the great War.

If the resistance had access to such a powerful weapon, why was it not used? Such a ship would surely haven been able to single handedly bring the Nobility to its knees, would it not?

The Leviathan’s Rest

Despite the immense power of the Leviathan, there is no record of it ever being used in battle. Reports from the Great War seem to suggest that it was lost at some point near the end of the conflict. The location of its disappearance and the reasons behind it are both frustratingly absent.

Naturally, when something as grand as the leviathan goes missing, it is human nature to spin an equally grand explanation as to why. To simply describe it as having fallen from the sky or having been damaged in battle, would not do it justice. Such a grand ship then, deserves a fitting resting place, does it not? And so, The Leviathan’s Rest has become a place of legend.

That the Leviathan would sleep in the deepest abyss, beyond the reach of any man is almost romantic. It is an idea that is laced with hope. Perhaps one day it will rise again, and the world can stand in awe as its majestic visage flies amidst cerulean skies once more. Should that day come, I would think we would be lucky to witness it.

The Nobility however, would likely not be as excited.