Skyfarer’s Rest – Sargasso Vortex

The Skyfarer’s Rest

Skyfarer’s Rest is said to lie at the center of the Sargasso Vortex, deep below the cloud line. At this depth, light is scarce, and limited to a dull, muddy hue. Combined with the perpetual mist that hangs in the breathless air, the rest is a place whose descriptions border on the realm of nightmares.

Wind is said to be distinctly absent in the rest, and its air brutally thin. Those who claim to have seen it speak of difficulty breathing and an eerie, muted silence. Perhaps due to those low amounts of air, every structure that lies within the Skyfarer’s rest is said to be covered with a thick layer of corrosion. This corrosion is voracious, and coils around the hulls of lost ships like ivy.

These ivy-like growths entwine the various wrecks they prey upon, and bind them together in thick, web-like tangles. They are not picky, and are said to ensnare both ship and crew alike. Thus, many of the crews that have gone down with their ships likely still reside within them, or as part of them.

Residents of the Rest

One wonders if the thick vines of corrosion are truly even corrosion at all. From their fleeting descriptions, they appear more akin to a plant or fungus than a simple chemical reaction. Regardless of their classification however, they are not the only forms of life said to inhabit the rest.

I other I speak of, is of course the Abyssal Dragons. These eaters of the lost gather upon the wrecked hulls of sunken ships and feast upon their contents at will. Though arguably not their natural food source, tales of dragons passing up a meal of some unfortunate sailor are decidedly uncommon.

Then again, proof of such beasts is no more substantiated than the existence of wraiths and demons in the abyss. Real or not however, I would kindly decline the chance to meet any of them personally. Should you find yourself returned from an extended stay in the rest however, I am all ears.

A Trove of unclaimed treasure

Because of the strange forces that coalesce in the Skyfarer’s Rest, it is said that any ship that sinks beneath the clouds will eventually end up there. Some say it is because of the ferocious wind currents that run beneath the clouds. Others claim that the Sargasso is home to a strange resonance that both interferes with, and draws in anything crystalline. Regardless, such a vast collection of ships from across the ages would represent a veritable trove of unclaimed treasure.

If all ships eventually come to reside in the rest, then finding them would be simple. The devil then, would be finding a way out. As those who speak of the rest tend to do so only before the counter of the local tavern however, I would wager the details of escape have yet to be fully worked out.