Arthur character notes and biography

Arthur is a master crystal technician and master to Zephyr. He is the only living student of the Tunesman, and the inventor of numerous crystal based technologies. His countless acts of defiance have made him a well known name across the Rubbards and Lutia alike.

Arthur and the Nobility

Arthur has a strong hatred towards the nobility that stems from the traumatic events of his childhood. Though he was not old enough to have been a part of the resistance during the great war, Arthur has seized every opportunity to fight for the people. He is a champion for the rights and safety of the common man, and makes life difficult for the nobility with every chance he gets.

His name is spoken with great disdain, and in some cases fear, by those in Lutia. His powerful allies, essential skills, and the aftermath of past encounters make him nigh untouchable to the nobles.

Health Concerns

Several years before Zephyr’s arrival, Arthur was diagnosed with a terminal disease. During its initial, and severe onset, he was cared for by Dianne. In the subsequent years since her departure from the dock however, he has had to care for himself. His ailment affects his stomach and digestion and he has trouble consuming large meals. Eating in general tends to make him extremely nauseous.

His overall health has improved dramatically since Zephyr’s arrival.


Arthur’s trade focuses mainly on the repair and theory of synthetic crystals. He offers repair and maintenance services to all ships, and does not discriminate between private and noble owners. He will however, hold all owners to the same strict standards.

Arthur is a well known inventor of several different crystal-based technologies. He is also one of the last independent smiths in the Rubbards. While he may lack the resources to create crystals outright, his restoration skills minimize his dependence on factory-based supplies.

Early life

Arthur was taken in by his original master when he was but a young child. His parents were killed during a noble hunt, and his master took him in under the condition that he become his apprentice.

When Arthur was ten years old, his master was taken right before his eyes by a platoon of noble soldiers. Despite his significant skill as a controller, Arthur’s master left willingly, and Arthur was left alone. When the Tunesman learned of the abduction, he sealed dock 07 and took Arthur in to his home.

Under the Tunesman’s guidance, Arthur continued his education in crystal theory and design. Upon completion of his apprenticeship, Arthur returned to reclaim dock 07 with the Tunesman’s blessing, and started his business as a private crystal tech.

Arthur’s innate intelligence and his apprenticeship under two universally acclaimed masters set him on the fast track for success. In only a few years, he had grown to become the foremost expert in crystal theory. His designs revolutionized their role on merchant ships, and he pioneered their use even on ships formerly equipped with natural systems.

His immense talent has brought him a high degree of fame. As such, the nobility has made several attempts to capture him. The result of these attempts, and how he resisted them however, are subjects he does not speak willingly about.


Arthur is the quintessential hermit. While he was never the most social person, even in his younger years, his ailing health and past wounds have made him even worse with age. His preference for solitude should not be mistaken as a disdain for humanity however – He has expended great sums of money and resources over the years in an effort to improve life on segment 07. He has a strong moral compass and a large heart, even if he only reveals it to a select few.

Arthur harbors strong feelings of loneliness, and a heavy sense of regret for never having had a child to pass his knowledge to. Zephyr’s appearance seems to fill these holes perfectly, and the two grow close very quickly. He is patient and takes great pains to try and remain well spoken and polite at all times. If he is pushed too far, a legendary level of cantankerousness will bubble to the surface.

Arthur is strongly protective of Zephyr and will do anything to keep him safe. As several noble soldiers have learned the hard way, his age in no way describes what he is capable of. To come between him and the people he loves is to tempt fate.