Arthur’s Master Character Notes and Biography

Arthur’s Master was a high ranking officer in the Great War Resistance, an accomplished Controller, and a renowned Crystal Technician. Information about his early years is scarce, as is any information about his fate in the hands of the nobility.

Early Years

Little is known about the early years of Arthur’s Master. It is said that he was an apprentice under the Tunesman, as well as a talented controller and crystal technician. It is not however known where he grew up, or if he had any living relatives. Even details like his name and age have been lost – A testament to the success of the nobility’s efforts to suppress and erase any of the world’s pre-war history.

After the war, and the Fate of Arthur’s Master

After the conclusion of the Great War, Arthur’s Master took over control of Dock 07. The Dock was converted for use as a service and repair bay, as well as for research and development of crystal technology.

One day, during a routine supply run in Segment 07, Arthur’s Master stumbled upon a young boy hiding amidst the burned out ruins of a home. The boy had been severely beaten and showed signs of malnutrition. Though such sights were common in the Rubbards after the war, there was something different about this boy. Arthur’s Master coaxed the young boy closer with a handful of dried fruit chips, and brought him back to Dock 07.

The boy’s name was Arthur, and his parents had been murdered during one of the noble hunts. Arthur had no family, and nowhere to turn for help, and so a deal was proposed: If he were willing to become an apprentice, Arthur would be taken in, fed, and clothed. The young Arthur quickly agreed, and immediately showed unmatched aptitude for the crystal trade.

Arthur and his master lived together for nearly five years. In that time, they grew incredibly close, and were almost indistinguishable from a father and son. Arthur’s proficiency with crystals grew at a staggering pace, and the repair business too grew in size and success. Just as life had begun to brighten however, things took a turn for the worst.

One day, a noble warship approached Dock 07. Arthur’s Master immediately hid Arthur along with his small golden fork, and then marched out to greet the platoon of armed soldiers as they disembarked. He was immediately taken into custody, and the warship left for the Sanctum in Lutia. He was not heard from again.