Bart Character notes and Biography

Bart is a slender framed water elementalist and general in the segment seven resistance. He has a close relationship with Drake and his sister Lily, and a reputation for being a bit of a scaredy cat.

Personality and Traits

Bart is a timid boy that is easily wound up, and perpetually high-strung. When he speaks, he does so in an artificially low tone that clashes with his delicate frame and soft features. Given his time spent around Drake, one wonders if he is simply trying to overcome feelings of inferiority, or if he is just awkward. He is kind and thoughtful towards people he knows, but strongly suspicious of anyone he doesn’t.

Bart has a deep fear of fire and tends to duck behind Drake at the first signs of trouble.

Bart and Drake

Though unrelated by blood, Bart and Drake have spent much of their lives around each other. When Drake’s parents died, Bart’s parents took them in and treated them as if they were family. Even though it was a great burden, they were given food, clothes, and shelter, and never asked for anything in return.

Drake was was incredibly grateful to them for their kindness. As soon as he was old enough, he began working alongside Bart’s father in an effort to help ease the burden of taking care of them. They resembled an almost normal family for a time, but things changed once again when Bart’s parents were lost. From that point forward, Drake became like an older brother to Bart, and he took on the responsibility of providing for them.


One evening, a group of hunters approached from the direction of the factory courtyards. The hunts had begun again, and the hunters were eager to bag their first victims. They stormed up to the second floor of the apartment complex and began to raid the apartments one by one in search of anyone they deemed worthy of noble attention. In protest of their presence, residents of the apartment began heaving bottles and stones at the hunters. One hunter was severely injured, and the group quickly retreated.

Later that night, the hunters returned with an escort of noble soldiers. The injured hunter pointed out Bart’s father as the one who had injured him. As he had not been present at the time of the attack, his wife protested. The soldiers unfortunately, had no interest in listening to reason.

The entire family including Drake and Lily were locked inside their apartment, and it was set ablaze. The intense heat of the flames weakened several of the supports beneath them, and the entire floor collapsed. Both of the parents were killed trying to protect the children, and Lily injured her head in the collapse. She has since been blind in her left eye.

Physically, Drake and Bart escaped mostly unscathed. Mentally however, the damage they sustained cannot ever be fully described. Though their lives may have become far harder, their bonds with one another have only grown – as has their hatred for the hunts, and the nobility that commissions them.

Elemental Affinity

Bart has an affinity with the element of water. His affinity makes him weak to electricity, a fact Drake takes full advantage of. He should also show strength over any fire elementalist, but much to his disappointment, fire seems to be one of the few elements the resistance does not have at their disposal.