Dianne Character notes and Biography

Dianne is the angel of segment seven and a pillar for the community around her. She works as a waitress at the segment 07 diner, and is a long time acquaintance of Arthur.

Dianne comes from a large family, and has several siblings. She is a highly sought-after target for the noble hunters but refuses to hide. Instead, she insists of taking every opportunity she can to bring the people around her together. She is universally loved, respected, adored, and lusted after.

The nobility

Dianne has a deep hatred for the nobility. She watched as her sister Sarah was taken by noble hunters, and tended desperately to her dying father as they left with their spoils. Rather than cower in fear, she dedicates herself to doing everything she can to save others the pain she has had to endure.

Her tools of resistance against the nobility are not weapons or violence. Dianne is not a soldier or an assassin. She is instead, a beacon of hope, and makes herself visible to draw others close. With a kind word and a warm smile she converts strangers to her cause. She has channeled her hatred and loss into hope – hope that may one day unify the people of the Rubbards against their common foe.

The love and loyalty she inspires makes her more dangerous to the nobility than anything or anyone else. Unfortunately, her visibility also makes her an easy target.


Dianne is unique. Her warm smile and kind disposition make her approachable and lovable to all who lay eyes on her. She is hard working, intelligent, and genuinely cares for everyone she meets. For those truly close to her however, a common bit of advice is followed to the letter – do not make Dianne angry.

To cross Dianne is to stoke the very fires of oblivion. She does not resort to violence, threats, or insult. Instead, she simply takes on a focused gaze and stares with a look that would chill even the most battle hardened soldier. She will simply turn her stare and speak in calm, measured words, and things will happen – for nobody has even the slightest interest in seeing the consequences should they not.

Dianne and Arthur

The relationship between Dianne and Arthur is a complicated one. At the request of her family, Arthur took her into the bay and kept her safe after the abduction of her sister. When Arthur fell ill, Dianne stayed on to take care of him and nurse him back to health. While their age difference is dramatic, bonds have no doubt been built over their years together.

Arthur wishes for nothing more than for Dianne to be safe, and to be happy. When she left the dock however, it was crippling to him. He fears for her safety and wants desperately to rush in and take her back. Despite his deep feelings however, he respects her wishes. Doing so brings him great pain, and he has withdrawn into himself greatly since her departure.

Dianne is fully aware of his pain and the danger she places herself in. Though she has doubts at times, she has chosen to put the needs of the segment above her own, and stands by her decision.

Fun Facts

Dianne has a love of stuffed shells that borders on obsession. If left to her own devices, she will consume them exclusively and in perpetuity. To this day, Arthur cannot smell pasta without feeling pangs of nostalgia.