Drake Character notes and Biography

Drake is an orphan, a big brother, and a general in the segment 07 resistance. He has an affinity for the element of lightning, and a hatred for the nobility and their hunters. He has a younger sister named Lily, and is like an older brother to Bart.

Personality and Traits

Drake is strong willed, strong armed, and seemingly fearless. He is perpetually smudged with soot, and rarely without a cocky grin on his face. He is resourceful, tenacious, and utterly reliable. His confidence however, can often times make him reckless. He operates on instinct rather than planning, and will often make rash decisions in the heat of the moment.

While he may seem rough on the outside, beneath that tough exterior is a large heart. To those who know him, Drake is both prankster, and a friend for life. There are few people one would rather have by their side in a time of need.

Drake and Lily

Drake and his little sister Lily are the last members of their family. As a result, he has had to grow up quickly and take on both the roles of older brother, and parent. To make matters worse, Lily is a frail child and suffers from a condition that affects her eyesight. In addition to earning money for food and shelter, Drake must also earn enough to pay for the expensive medicine used to treat Lily’s condition. There is no resentment between the siblings however; he would do anything for his sister, and Lily fully understands and appreciates the sacrifices he makes.

Their mother died giving birth to Lily, and her loss was a devastating blow to their family. With a newborn child and a young son at home, their father took work anywhere he could find it. There were times when he would work for days on end without rest or food. After several years of this, the exertion finally took its toll. He became ill and left the world when Drake was only nine.

Drake and Bart

Drake and Bart have a relationship similar to that of siblings. Neighbors since they were little, Bart’s family has helped them on many occasions since the loss of their parents. When Bart’s parents too were lost, the three grew even closer.

While he teases Bart constantly, Drake is also fiercely protective of him. Compared to Drake’s tough and fearless persona, Bart is extremely timid and quick to scare. Slightly younger than Drake, Bart looks up to him almost like a big brother.

The Resistance

Courtesy of his strength, resolve, and well known hatred for the nobility, Drake was an obvious choice for the resistance. Jance recruited him early on, and though he may frequently refer to him as a “chowder head”, he values his contributions and his friendship.

Drake spends far more time in the factories than the average person, and this means he is also perpetually amidst the crowds that wait in line in the courtyards. This position, combined with a keen ear, allows him to pick up the latest news and rumors from around the segment. This information, along with a view of the only access point to segment 07 has been invaluable. Advanced notice of impending hunts has been passed on ahead several times by him, saving countless people.

Elemental Affinity

Drake shows a strong affinity to the element of lightning. This affinity allows him the use of electricity in all of its forms. Though he uses his powers for pranks at first, they are also one that is easily used as a weapon. In a land wrought of steel and iron, a command over electricity is particularly fearsome.

As water conducts electricity, it also gives him yet another tool in his arsenal of ways to torment Bart. Much to his chagrin however, he finds Racken all but impervious to his powers.