Jance Character notes and Biography

Jance is a child from segment 07 of the Rubbards and leader of the segment 07 “Resistance”. He is a sibling to Brad and Dianne, and lurks in the shadows where he can more easily conceal his face from the public. His family speaks about him only in hushed whispers, and only among those they feel they can trust.

The Resistance

Jance is the founder and leader of a group of children in segment 07 he refers to as “the resistance”. Rather than a true resistance, the group is in reality, little more than a group of like-minded local children. While they do their share of information gathering and spying, their actual acts of resistance more or less end there.

The original members of the group are referred to as “generals”. They can usually be found gathering around the diner in segment 07 where they occasionally receive free meals.


Ask any stranger, and they will likely tell you that Jance is a rough, rude, and disrespectful child. From anyone that truly knows him however, and you will hear quite the opposite. To those that are close, Jance is a staunch ally and loyal friend. The reasons for this disconnect are two-fold.

Jance lost both his sister Sarah, and his father, when he was just a small child. In addition to this trauma, Jance also displays unique traits that would make him a valuable target for the nobility. Because of this, Jance’s mother keeps a very tight leash on him. Growing up in such an guarded environment understandably leaves Jance wary of both outsiders, and people in general.

While quick to frighten and phobic of a great variety of things, Jance does not back down when it counts. He has built up a tough persona to try and hide his fears from others, but the cracks can easily be seen by those closest to him.

Jance is fiercely territorial about his sister Dianne, and suspicious of any who venture too close. His overprotective nature and stubbornness is nearly identical to Dianne’s, and the two frequently butt heads as a result. He does not see his older brother Brad as much of a protector, and so tries to take on the burden by himself.

Needless to say, Jance is full of layers and secrets, but you would be hard-pressed to find a better ally in a pinch.

Jance and Zephyr

Few carry a hatred for the nobility that burns as hot as Jance’s. When he spies Zephyr with his sister Dianne, that hatred overflows. In his mind, Zephyr, who is clearly dressed in the attire of a noble, can have but one objective: the abduction of his sister. To this end, he begins to track Zephyr. What he sees in the process sends him into a spiral of inner conflict.

As events unfold between them, he grows to trust and rely upon Zephyr. They become not only allies walking along the same path, but inseparable friends. In Zephyr, he finds a safe place where he can truly be himself without hiding, and Zephyr can do the same. Between the two of them, the segment 07 resistance has the potential to truly become a threat to Lutia.