Lily Character Notes And Biography

Lily is the younger sister to Drake, and an orphan of segment 07. Lily was born frail and suffers from problems with her sight. Despite the adversity she has faced, she retains her warm smile and sweet demeanor.


Drake is Lily’s older brother and sole living blood relative. Their mother was lost during her birth, and their father succumbed to exhaustion in the factories when she was only a baby. With nobody to turn to, and but a child himself, Drake was forced to find a way to take care of his baby sister all on his own.

Having been longtime neighbors, the family of Drake’s childhood friend Bart could not ignore their struggle. They opened their home to them, and they lived together in cramped, but loving accommodations for several years. This happy household continued until Bart’s parents were killed. Once again alone, the three of them grew even closer and formed a family of their own.

The three of them rely heavily on one another, as well as the network of friends they have built through the segment 07 resistance. As far as Lily is concerned, Bart is her brother and a beloved family member.

Lily’s Struggle

One night several years after they had moved in with Bart’s family, a group of hunters approached their apartment complex. A hunt had begun, and the hunters entered in search of suitable prizes for their masters. The residents rioted, and a hunter was injured amidst the chaos. The hunters quickly retreated, but returned a short time later with an armed escort of soldiers.

The soldiers had just begun to question the residents when the hunter pointed out Bart’s father and named him as his attacker. There was no additional questioning. The soldiers locked the whole family inside their apartment, barricaded the door, and set it ablaze as an example. The flames weakened the already questionable integrity of the building, and the second floor collapsed beneath them.

While Bart and Drake escaped the collapse unscathed, Lily suffered severe head injuries. Bart’s parents perished in the collapse as well, having given their lives to protect the children.

Lily’s head injuries directly affected her sight. After the incident, she was rendered blind in her left eye, while the vision in her right slowly began to degrade with time. Drake treats her with expensive medicine intended to help her condition, but it is unclear if it has had any real effect. As an already frail child that must deal with frequent malnutrition however, her prognosis is less than positive.