Marcus character notes and biography

Marcus is a General in the Segment 07 Resistance, and brother to Alison and Martika. He escaped with Martika from Lutia after five years in captivity, and now lives in the Rubbards. He is acquainted with Dianne’s family through his sister’s relationship prior to their abduction.

Personality and Traits

Marcus prefers to watch from the background. Though he is instrumental in many key events, you’d never know it from looking at him. He is calm and collected, and always seems to know exactly what is going on around him. Marcus is usually the first to acknowledge the achievements of others, and quick to dismiss his own. His legendary patience and soothing demeanor is essential in his interactions with his sister Martika. He does not like to talk about his past and prefers to keep his thoughts on the path ahead.

Marcus has a knack for magically appearing in the right place at the right time, and then vanishing without a trace. How he manages this is a question of many, but none question his allegiance or loyalty.


Prior to her abduction, Dianne‘s sister Sarah was close friends with a girl named Alison. The two were nearly inseparable, and wherever Alison went, her siblings Marcus and Martika followed.

One night a team of noble hunters entered Alison’s home. They proceeded to the bedroom, and attempted to take Alison and her sister. Marcus was only ten years old at the time, but he awoke in the middle of the attack and tried with all his might to stop them. The scuffle awoke their parents, but when they interfered, they were quickly put down. The hunters escaped with both Alison and Martika, and took Marcus as well for their trouble.

What happened to them during their time in Lutia is not something he speaks of.

Marcus and the Resistance

About five years after their abduction, rumors spread of Martika and Marcus’ return. They had escaped from their Lutian captors, and found their way back to segment 07. Their sister Alison however, was not among them. One night Marcus appeared before Jance and gave him the following message to deliver to his sister:

I am glad to hear you are still safe. We have made our way back from Lutia, but my sister Alison is not with us. I am so sorry Dianne. In failing to save her, I have failed you as well, and I cannot bear to face you, not yet. We are safe and living here in the Rubbards, but please do not come looking for us. Perhaps a day will come when I can make amends for what has happened, but it will be a long road.

Dianne, thank you for being Alison’s friend. Though her life has been cut short, know that in the time she knew you, she smiled and laughed enough for a dozen lifetimes.”

Upon seeing Jance however, Marcus became aware of his unique traits and the danger they placed him in. He was not the only one, he thought, and surely there must be more like him. It was on that night that the idea of a resistance was born.

Elemental Affinity

When the others are introduced to their elemental abilities, Marcus seems less than surprised. He and his sister Martika display a suspiciously high level of resonance even before they are introduced to their elements, and they are able to use them immediately and without instruction.

It is unknown exactly why they exhibit such a high degree of resonance, but it surely has something to do with their time in Lutia.