Martika Character notes and Biography

Martika and her brother Marcus are the last surviving members of their family. Victims of the noble hunts, they spent nearly five years as captives in Lutia before their escape. Though Martika is technically a general in the Segment 07 Resistance, the title is largely an honorary one due to her unpredictable nature.


Martika’s moods are mercurial, and her personality unstable and entirely unpredictable. One moment she is dancing and pirouetting as if to some unheard symphony, and the next she is staring into your very soul with a cold, emotionless gaze. Those who know her do their best to stay out of her way, and only her brother Marcus seems capable of exerting any sort of control over her. She is less a person at times, and more a feral beast concealed within a girl’s body. She holds a certain fascination for Zephyr that she has not shown for anyone else.

Martika is taciturn and speaks not a word. She communicates through gestures and gazes, and is quick to throw a tantrum should she not get her way. Despite a physical age of around ten or eleven, you would be forgiven for mistaking her for a teenager – The mind within however is still clearly that of a small child.

And yet, something shimmers darkly in the murky depths of her eyes – something terrible. Beneath her simple facade rests a crushingly powerful force. It is not shackled by things like mercy or morality. It is a force of nature, a force of vengeance. Should that hidden self ever awaken, pray you are not on the receiving end of its fury.


Martika was but five years old when the noble hunters came for her sister Alison. Though the hunters had not come for Martika specifically, they could not pass up such a find. Though her brother Marcus fought tooth and nail to protect them, it was to no avail. When the dust settled, both of their parents lay dead and brutalized, and the siblings found themselves on a ship to Lutia.

It is not known what horrors they endured during their captivity but they returned changed. When she returned to segment 07, Martika was nearly catatonic. Her brother helped them back to their old home and they remain there to this day. When Marcus approached Jance with the idea for the resistance, Martika came with him. She is Marcus’ shadow, and the two are inseparable.

Martika and Zephyr

Most keep their distance from Martika. Some are wary of her, and feel she is creepy or weird. Others, have bite marks to justify their reservations. She has generally shown little interest in anyone save for Marcus, but that changed the day she met Zephyr. From the first moment she saw him, something was different. She leaned in close, smelled him, and then hugged him tightly and giggled. Such a level of contact with Martika is unheard of for anyone save for her brother.

Elemental Affinity

Martika resonates strongly with the tone of ice. Like Marcus however, her elemental abilities are suspiciously developed, and staggeringly powerful in comparison to the other generals. Even at their first meeting, a heavy, almost smothering sensation of power surrounded her. What is even more unusual still, is the way that power seems to ebb and flow. One moment her aura of power is indescribable, and the next it is completely nonexistent.

The true measure of her powers, as well as the story behind their origins however, are known only to her and her brother.