Mond character notes and biography

Mond lives amidst the shadows of the Rubbards. A talented elementalist with a lifetime of scars, she travels to segment 07 in search of freedom. She joins the resistance at the first opportunity, eager to find a place to belong.

Personality and Traits

Mond shares much of her personality with Dianne, and though never having met her personally, she credits her as an inspiration. Deep down she possesses a rebellious streak and maternal nature nearly identical to Dianne’s, but they are hidden beneath a survival-minded, and suspicious nature. Whatever trauma she has endured has built up strong walls and bred a strong distrust in strangers.

Walls can however, be broken down. Suspicions can be eased. With enough support, she has the potential to become a guiding light for the segment, both literally and figuratively.

The Mystery of Mond

Very little is known about Mond. When Zephyr meets her, it is clear that she has been on her own for an extended amount of time. While she states that she only just recently arrived on segment 07, she is not specific about her origins. A home segment is mentioned, but not specifically by name. At one point, Mond states “Where I’m from, people are just taken, and life goes on.”, which may explain her shyness and comfort amidst the shadows.

Elemental Affinity

When Mond first meets Zephyr, her powers manifest as one who has an affinity for the element of darkness. She has used her powers by “instinct” for as long as she can remember, and uses them to hide amidst the shadowy alleyways of the Rubbards from both hunters and people alike.

When presented with the set of elemental marbles, she expresses interest in the white one. When she is able to instantly manifest its powers however, she raises a few eyebrows. While not a controller, Mond seems to have a unique ability to use two separate, and contradictory elements. As far as Zephyr knows, she is the only one.

How she acquired her unique gifts remains a mystery. Given Mond’s shy personality and comfort in the shadows, it is unlikely such gifts came without great cost.