Racken character notes and biography

Racken is a general in the segment 07 resistance and the glue that holds its members together. He is aligned with the element of earth and is always armed with a warm smile and hearty handshake.

Personality and Traits

Racken is quite possibly the most positive and easy going person in all of the Rubbards. His endless patience makes him seemingly impossible to anger, and his warm smile can diffuse the tension in nearly any situation. He is endlessly loyal to his friends and always eager to make new ones. He can walk up to a complete stranger, hold his hand out in welcome and introduce himself without even the slightest of hesitation. This lack of fear and stubborn optimism has made him Jance‘s first choice for recruiting new members to the resistance.

There is much that lies hidden beneath Racken’s seemingly simple exterior. Despite his somewhat short and stocky stature, Racken possesses seemingly endless endurance both physically and spiritually. If something needs to be done, he will see it through to the end without rest. He is dependable, trustworthy, and always willing to help, even if you call him Racket.


Racken’s past is largely a mystery. He has no parents or siblings, and none of the resistance members have ever been to his home. The lines in the factory courtyard are the most likely place to spot Racken. Without anyone else to rely on before meeting Jance, it is unlikely he was ever anywhere else.

Elemental Affinity

Racken has an affinity to the element of earth. While not as flashy or as easily adaptable to offense as some of the other elements, it offers near invulnerability to its user. As someone who values his friends above all else, his gifts allow him to protect the people he cares about.

Racken and the Resistance

For someone as easygoing and upbeat as Racken, it might be surprising to find that he is a member of the resistance. While his exact motivations may be unknown, his feelings about the nobility are quite clear if you look closely enough. Though he may try his best to hide it, a dark, resentful gleam can be seen in his eyes every time the nobility is brought up. The nobility preys upon the weak and the helpless, and this goes against the very core of his being.

Racken plays a vital role in the segment 07 resistance. While not the most imposing of stature, he brings people together and eases the friction between opposing personalities. Though he may seem to be the butt of a fair amount of jokes, none of it is in anything but jest. He simply takes it all in stride and knows that they only tease him because of how close they are.