Zephyr Character notes and Biography

Zephyr is an apprentice crystal smith and former resident of Lutia. He shares a bond with Arthur that mirrors that of a father and son, and displays a strong aptitude for crystals. He is a fledgling controller, and quickly finds himself drawn in by the segment 07 resistance.


Zephyr grew up in on Segment 05-05 of Lutia as the only child of the noble house of Ardzen. When he failed his test for flyer potential, he was smuggled out of Lutia by his nanny. He escaped to the segment 07 of Rubbards and was taken in by Arthur, the owner of dock 07.

When speaking to Arthur one day, Zephyr becomes aware of the fact that the parents he knew may not truly be his birth parents. Little is known about Zephyr’s origins before house Ardzen, or the identity of his real parents. The fate of his nanny is also currently unknown.


Zephyr possesses the powers of a controller, and has an affinity for all known elements, both natural and synthetic. This potential laid hidden within him until unlocked during his time in the Rubbards. While his affinity to wind elements does grant him the abilities of a flyer, the procedure for awakening a flyer is based upon synthetic tones, and thus was insufficient to awaken his talents in Lutia.

As a controller, Zephyr is capable of awakening anyone with a latent affinity, regardless of element. He can permanently amplify the powers of an elemental simply through contact.

Zephyr and Arthur

Rather than a typical master and apprentice relationship, Zephyr and Arthur instead grow to share a bond closer to that of Father and son. Arthur has lived a life of solitude and has no children or family to pass his knowledge to. Conversely, Zephyr has no known family. They fill the gaps in each others lives, and function to counter each others rougher edges.

Zephyr’s presence has had a greatly positive impact on Arthur’s health and spirits. With each day he grows stronger and more energetic, as does his appetite.


Zephyr possesses a strong sense of right and wrong, and an inherent need for justice. He is inquisitive and intelligent, and especially sensitive to the moods and emotions of those around him. More than anything however, Zephyr is ruled by his stomach, and that is the quickest way to his heart. He adores any and all food, and that love is the main reason he grows so close to Dianne so quickly.

Childhood as a noble has left Zephyr with a noble’s tastes and sensibilities. As his hatred for the nobility grows, those tastes and habits become a source of inner turmoil. He tries his best to forget his origins, and any reminder of them fills him with a feeling of shame.


After a very rocky start, Dianne’s sibling Jance begins to grow very close to Zephyr. Jance sees Zephyr’s potential and introduces him to the segment 07 resistance where he quickly becomes a popular member. Their feelings towards the nobility and Dianne are well aligned. With their complimentary abilities, it may finally be possible to give her the protection she needs.