New entries to the Characters page

New entries have been added to the characters page!

This update includes the addition of character bios for Dianne, Tunesman, and Zephyr.

Learn more about the origins of the Tunesman’s name, the history that drives Dianne, and the nature of Zephyr’s inner turmoil and talents.

More updates will be available regularly so be sure to check back soon.

A Boy Named Zephyr now available for Purchase!

a boy named zephyr
When a mysterious power emerges that threatens not only his own safety, but the very foundation of the noble dominion, a young boy named Zephyr finds himself swept up in a journey to unravel the riddles of the past and find a place to belong. As his world teeters on the edge of rebellion, Zephyr will join with the most unlikely of allies in an effort to protect the people he has grown to love.

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