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Upcoming Print Version Of A Boy Named Zephyr

Updates to the website have been a bit lacking over the past week or two, but they will pick up again shortly. Aside from being out of town for a few days, I have also been working hard to finalize a print version of A Boy Named Zephyr. I am currently awaiting the proof copy of the final version, and should everything go as planned, print copies will be available shortly.

I have taken advantage of the opportunities provided while preparing the print version to also make some minor changes to the ebook version of A Boy Called Zephyr. Please look for this second edition soon. For any who have purchased the book already, you should be able to upgrade to the second edition at no additional cost.

Minor Updates To Characters Page

Quick note regarding some minor updates today.

Entries on the characters page have been cleaned up and re-edited a bit to fix some formatting and typographical errors. If you catch any that have been missed, please let me know here.

Additionally, links have been added to older pages to better connect them to related content that was not available during their original creation.

Additional content is currently being added to the Atlas page. Expect a round of updates and new content by Monday!

The Gemsong Saga Atlas has been added

A new section titled The Gemsong Saga Atlas has been added, compiled from the writings of legendary cartographer Ansel Ryman. This section gives background information about the various locations and regions featured in book one of the Gemsong Saga series.

Currently, you can read about the background and history of Zephyr’s former home, segment 03 of the Rubbards, and the fall of segment 04. More entries are added daily, so please check back soon for more.

A Boy Named Zephyr now available for Purchase!

a boy named zephyr
When a mysterious power emerges that threatens not only his own safety, but the very foundation of the noble dominion, a young boy named Zephyr finds himself swept up in a journey to unravel the riddles of the past and find a place to belong. As his world teeters on the edge of rebellion, Zephyr will join with the most unlikely of allies in an effort to protect the people he has grown to love.

You can pick up a copy from any of the online retailers listed here.