Ardzen Manor of the Lutian Outer Arc

See a glimpse of Zephyr’s childhood home, Ardzen manor, with the final Gemsong Saga Atlas entry for book one.

This entry marks the completion of content for the main characters and places featured in A Boy Named Zephyr. From this point forward, entries to the website will focus on illustrating the various factions, supporting characters, history, and lore of the Gemsong Saga world.

There is still plenty to do before A Man Named Zephyr is released, so I hope you continue to stop by and learn more about the world of Gemsong Saga.

The Gemsong Saga Atlas has been added

A new section titled The Gemsong Saga Atlas has been added, compiled from the writings of legendary cartographer Ansel Ryman. This section gives background information about the various locations and regions featured in book one of the Gemsong Saga series.

Currently, you can read about the background and history of Zephyr’s former home, segment 03 of the Rubbards, and the fall of segment 04. More entries are added daily, so please check back soon for more.